Re: The Right Sideband?


Date: Tue May 03 1994 - 11:12:54 EDT

Hi Brad,
        You make a good point but I was wondering if the fact that most of the
crystal filters in Superhet designs, for example, are un-symmetrical. That is
to say that of the products, one will be decidedly stronger that the other. I
know this does not really affect the argument of which sideband is clearer
directly. However, when we consider that the transmit frequency is often
related to the receive frequency, would it not be conceivable that the person
at the TX end has his superhet tuned at 7.040Mhz + 700Hz (listening) and TX on
7.040 but the guy receiving is also transmitting on 7.040 but is listening on
7.040Mhz - 700Hz putting 1.4kHz in between them. With a pretty sharp filter
they won't be hearing one another? Hmmm.... wait I got it wrong. I think I
meant that the RX is on 7.040 but TX on 7.040+700 and the other station also
RX on 7.040 but TX on 7.040-700. Is this situation a possible problem? Hmmm...
sorry but this still does not sound right to me.
        Let try this again. I am listening on 7.040 but you are TX on 7.040 +
700 Hz AND listening on 7.040 + 700 Hz. BUT I am transmitting on 7.040 - 700Hz
so I can hear you but you can't hear me! I think I got it right this time. The
problem is that the way the two stations are aligned are different. One listens
on the TX frequency and the other listens on the TX+700 or TX-700. Please
correct me cos this has been on my mind for sometime now.

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