My Trip To Dayton


From: Jim Osburn (
Date: Tue May 03 1994 - 10:43:45 EDT

Every year the Wabash Valley Amateur Radio Association takes a bus on
Saturday to Dayton. It's fun to go with 40 of your buddies.
The bus lets us off at the front door, the bus is close by all day and has
a large cargo capacity. The only way to make it better is if it stayed
all weekend.

This year at Dayton I attended the QRP forum on Saturday. I enjoyed the
talks given by AA2U very much.

I also attended some of the VHF/UHF forum. I found the talks about
backpacking and spread spectrum very interesting.

I purchased a set of iambic paddles from Kent Keys. I assembled them and
got on the air with them as soon as I got home Saturday night. They're
the best paddles I own, my Benchers come in second and my Nye paddles come
in last. The Kent Keys paddles require noticably less effort to use
than the others. The also look good, lots of shiney brass. Does anyone
have any suggestions on how to keep them shiney?

I purchased a direct conversion receiver kit from Ten-Tec. I hope to
assemble it this weekend. I told my buddies on the bus that I bought
a brand new Ten-Tec rig for $27.00. One of the guys on the bus said
Ten-Tec used to make kits years ago and was glad to hear they were
doing it again.

I purchased an A&A engineering frequency counter kit from a distributer
I think named Amateur Radio Works (ARW). The kit is described in the
1994 ARRL Handbook. The Ten-Tec direct conversion receiver has a
frequency counter output but I might need a buffer between it and the
counter. I think the counter and the receiver will fit in the plastic
pencil box I want to use as an enclosure. I might need to build a
PCB shield box around the counter.

I didn't go outside except to take stuff back to the bus.
I would have checked out the flea market if it hadn't been raining.
I crushed two kids and one little old lady trying to walk around inside,
not really, but it was crowded.

Some of the guys on the bus did the flea market anyway.
They got soaked (both meanings of this might be correct).

I renewed my QRP ARCI membership and joined G-QRP.

Hams from our area win prizes at Dayton. The rumor is that one of our
local club members won a handheld, he wasn't on the bus so I can't confirm
the rumor. In the past one of our local club members won two years in
a row. Trouble is, it wasn't me and nobody has yet called me to let
me know that I won the grand prize.



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