From: Gary M Diana (
Date: Tue May 03 1994 - 09:54:26 EDT

The 1994 Dayton Experience

I spent most of the time in the Harris booth (working), but it was right
next to the HUGE kenwood exhibit $^).

The weather was terrible for the flea-marketeers... when it wasn't wet
and cool, it was wet and COLD. On saturday morning, they were a lot of
empty flea market spots, and those who have attended dayton in the past
considered that unusual. I talked to several of the inside vendors, and
the feeling I got was that business was very good for them. In general,
those that attend dayton say they do not plan on good weather. BTW, the
weather on monday was perfect, of course.

I visited the QRP hosptiality room on saturday night. Got to meet Dave
Benson, Cam Hartford, Bill Kelsey, Rev. Dobbs, Roy Lewellan, Doug Hendricks,
John&Vicki Welch, Jim Kearman, Jim Fitton, Chuck Adams and many others.
John had his techno-wizzy project, a couple guys from the missouri area
brought their homebrew creations, and I got to see the original w7el creations:
the optimized 40m DC rig and the famous wattmeter. The projects have
a lot of character which the magazine and handbook articles just can't
capture. I got to see Chuck's sierra transciever; the norcal club has
done a neat job with this project, i.e. easy open/close lid, and using
a computer edge connector for the plug-in band specific modules. The one thing
I missed out on was the k5fo-special... anyone want to write up the details
on that one??? Oh, and I got to see the new england club's latest superhet
transciever too (saw it, liked it, ordered it).

The bottom line: despite the weather, it was a fun experience. Besides, where
else would you get to meet and talk to that many talented QRPers?

See you there next year.
- Gary N2JGU

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