Dayon, Chuck Adams Rumors, & QRP Fun


From: Robert Marlan (
Date: Mon May 02 1994 - 22:33:53 EDT

Well here I am back in Connecticut, less than 24 hours after "decompressing"
from the Dayton Extravaganza. Well the weather sucked, but that is not all
bad -
it always helps out the prices in the flea market! I got my 50HZ HP freq.
for $30 - in anticipation of building the sierra. I used it tonite to
calculate the
precise freq. of my norcal. I have the low end set @ 7026 so I should be legal!

Well despite rumors to the contrary, Chuck Adams was sighted on several
off the air without a key in his hand. He told me all those ideas of him
being an operating
fiend (?sp) are not all true!! Anyways I stayed @ Dayton South and had a
great time. Saturday nite
everyone got together, and showed off their latest creation. W8MVN builds
some beautiful stuff.
I realized that as someone had stated here before, what makes qrp and ham
radio great are the people. For example Saturday nite - people of all
ages, backgrounds, and interests, sharing and helping each other. Many
have helped me with various projects and I hope to return the favors.
It also was really fun to meet all the people that have contributed over
the internet to this

Well at least nice people and events like these give us all a break from
lying politicians,
gang / drug violence, and all the other nasty stuff that appears on our
front pages on a daily basis.

Thanks all for making it a great time - see you in a year.

Take my house, my car ....... my wife, -- but NO not my norcal !!
73's Bob Marlan KA6NOC/1

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