Dayton 94Dayton was GREAT!!! Even though it rained hard the first 2 days,


From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Mon May 02 1994 - 15:18:56 EDT

I didn't care, because I was with my friends, and had a ball.
The trip was tiring, starting with an all night flight from
Sacramento to Dayton and arriving at 8 AM where Jim Cates, WA6GER
picked me up. We drove to the hotel, checked in and then went to
the Hamvention. Wow, was it ever crowded. Everyone was inside
as it was raining hard outside.
It was a veritable who's who of QRP this year. Some of the guys
who were there were:
Randy Rand, AA2U, World Champion QRP Contester, Chuck Adams,
K5FO; Jim Fitton; Cam Hartford, Jim Cates, WA6GER; Buck Switzer &
Lowell Corbin from the Michigan QRP Club, George Dobbs, Chris
Page & John Beech from the G-QRP Club, Bill Kelsey from Kanga,
Gary Diana, Pat Tandem, Steve Hideg, Ron Majewski, Bob Gobrick,
Dave Benson (Mr. NN1G), Roy Lewellen, Dick (Ark 40 designer), Les
Shattuck, Myron Koyle, Ralph Conley, Marvin Tanaka, Rich Arland,
Bruce Milne, Dave Little, Mike Bryce, Jim Kearman, Denton Bramwell, Les
Shattuck, Byron Weaver, Jim Johns, Dennis & John Utley, Don
Kozlovsky, John and Vicki Welch, plus a ton of other guys who I
can't think of now. It was overload time for my brain.
The new president of ARCI, Les Shattuck, officially took over the
reins, and he has some definite plans to revitalize and improve
ARCI. His number one goal is to improve the Quarterly, with
timely delivery a priority. Paula Franke will continue as
editor. She has been give permission by both the New England and
NorCal QRP Clubs to reprint articles. You are hereby invited to
join ARCI. Send $12 to Mike Bryce for membership. His address
is Mike Bryce, WA8VGE, 2225 Mayflower, N.W., Massilon, Ohio
44647. I highly recommend that you join. We need your support.
Plus, please write and submit articles to ARCI. Don't complain
about the Quarterly's content if you haven't submitted an
article. This is our organization, and we need to get to work to
improve it.
I met Martin Jue, president of MFJ at the MFJ booth. He sold me
a new 20 meter SSB rig...(They only brought 2 to Dayton). Will
let you know how it works when I get time to operate. By the
way, I have had 14 hours of sleep since Thursday morning, so this
might be a little rumdum. Also bought a Regen. Receiver kit from
TenTec but will have to wait to have it shipped.
Dick from S&S Engineering was there with the new smaller ARK 4
kit. Looks nice, but I didn't get a close look.
I had a great time collecting articles: The September issue of
QRPp will have THREE ssb construction articles, and I have found
a source for the filters!! These articles will contain PC board
info. They have been written by Derry Spittle, George Dobbs, &
Alan Hands. Also, John Welch will do an article on how to design
and build a 9 MHz ssb filter. We talked about it at the ARCI
hospitality room, and John is happy to do the article. Roy
Lewellen gave me permission to reprint an article that was in the
St. Louis QRP Society newsletter. It is a QRP Amplifier, called
the Brickette.
The QRP Forums were outstanding: George Dobbs gave one on Friday
after noon on constuction practices. He had examples and slides
of almost every type of rig from simple to complex. George is an
excellent speaker (must be because he practices every Sunday!!),
and if you get the chance to hear him, don't pass up the
Randy Rand and Paula Franke talked about Contesting and
DXpeditions Saturday. Randy told us all about the Arruba trip
and the trip to Arizona for the sweepstakes. It was an
interesting talk, and maybe we can convince Randy to write a
summary for the net. Hint Hint. I saw the pictures of the
antenna farm that he has. WOW!
Paula talked about her experiences doing dxpeditions from a low
key standpoint. She likes to stop and smell the flowers on the
way. Goes to prove that there are many different parts of the
Sunday, Jim Fitton, Chuck Adams and I talked about the respective
regional QRP clubs. Jim talked about the New England Club, their
30-40 and 40-40 project, plus the QRP Afield day that is going to
happen in September.
Chuck talked about the internet, qrp in general, and how to have
fun. He gave some great advice. Plus, he registered an official
complaint. There have been hundreds of references to the NorCal
40 on the internet. Every time Chuck sees that in the title, he
gets excited because he thinks the message is about him, as he is
NorCal #40. (GRIN)
I talked about the NorCal group and QRPp. I explained our
philosiphy of having fun and avoiding rules, meetings, minutes,
all that club stuff. We also officially introduced the Sierra
and passed out order forms. The rest of the NorCal members will
get their order forms in the near future. They are being mailed
to all members first class.
Orders were taken for the Sierra and the NorCal 40 Partial kit at
the hospitality room. We took orders for 35 NorCal 40 partial
kits, so that rig is still popular.
Saturday night was highlighted by the ARCI Banquet. In the past,
the group has ordered in pizza, but we had a new experience this
year. Les Shattuck decided to have a banquet and we had over 60
people attend!! The meal was excellent, and afterwards, the
members were given a State of the Club message by Les and Myron
Koyle our treasurer. Then the fun began. I presented the very
last full NorCal 40 kit that we had been saving for George Dobbs.
I figured that we owe George for copying so much from Sprat for
the first issue of QRPp. He was very pleased and happy to
receive the rig. Several door prizes were drawn with the main
prize a MFJ 9020!!! Bravo to Les for an excellent idea and
starting a new tradition.
Gary Diana was there with his NN1G home brew rig, complete with homebrew
case. Gary is an artist when it comes to packaging, and he has agreed to
write an article for QRPp. I enjoyed meeting Gary and all of the guys
face to face for the first time.
Bruce Milne of this group had his logger software there. It is set up to
run ARCI contests and the Michigan and NW contests. I think you send Bruce
$2 plus a formatted 3.5" disk to get a copy. It even scores and prints the
entry forms for you.
Cam Hartford made his first trip to Dayton and reported that he is catching
up on 3 YEARS of unscored contest results!! The results will all be
published in the Quarterly and he will be up to date by the October issue.
To give you an idea of the work involved, he has to print up almost 400
certificates for past winners.
Last year Jim Cates and I discussed forming NorCal on the plane ride home.
This year, Jim came up with a fantastic idea for a club activity, and I will
be posting more details later. We talked about the weekend and both agreed
that the best thing about QRP is the people involved. Next year, you must
plan to attend Dayton. Start saving your coins, and figure a way to get
there. You won't regret it.
I will post more later when I am caught up on some sleep.
72, Doug, KI6DS

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