From: Duane P Mantick (
Date: Mon May 02 1994 - 10:18:52 EDT

I have to apologize to anyone who tried to call me on 146.49 simplex
saturday and didn't reach me - I wasn't there.

With the ()*&&^$R&^%^$%!!!! rain pouring down, my wife (N9OXA) and
I elected to flip-flop our schedules and go to the USAF Museum on
Saturday and try to do the hamfest on Sunday.

Given that the museum is mostly an indoor activity, this worked out
rather better. I noticed that half the museum parking lot consisted of
vehicles with various varieties of antennas sprouting forth, and many
call plates from all over. The majority were from the midwest (noted
Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, one Minnesota) but there were also
several from further states, notably several from the New England states.

This is the second Dayton in a row that I've been peed on by Ms. Nature.
On the way out yesterday afternoon, I called the talk-in/out and
added my compliments on the hamfest and suggested that they shoot
the weatherman. The gentleman running the talk-in/out replied that
"the beatings have already begun". :-) :-)

I must also compliment the people doing talk-in/out for their patient
ability to ignore the "repeater-trasher" bozo who kept popping in
there. I doubt if I'd have been able to restrain myself that well.

I'm curious if any of you saw the fellow with the black anodized
3-element 2-meter beam, designed for ease of dissassembly and
reassembly. It was super lightweight, looked reasonably effective,
and was claimed to have a 6.1 dB gain. Admittedly, not the greatest
gain figure in the world, but for someone who likes to hike and
hike up mountainous terrain, such an antenna might be quite useful, and
*certainly* better than a duck for fixed-point operations from summits
and ridges. It used an end-mount scheme and was set up to run both
vertical and horizontal planes, just by changing which pair of holes you
run the U-bolt through. I believe he was asking $64.95 for it.

(and, afterall, you *could* say an HT on 2 meters constitutes QRP......

......sort of, anyhow) :-)

So if anyone else saw this, your comments would be appreciated, and
possibly others in the mailing group would like to hear them as well.
*I* am thinking very seriously about ordering one of these just for
portable uses (could come in handy for portable emergency ops as well).

I also noticed two vendors that had *flexible* solar panels for sale.
Strikes me as an outright dandy idea, and for those QRP folks who like
to hike out to nowhere and op from wherever *nowhere* is, a real
advance in portable power (even if just to recharge batteries).
Some of these newer panel seem to have enough wattage that one could
conceivably not need batteries during daylight hours. Nifty!

73's to all, and I hope all that went to Dayton enjoyed it in SPITE
of the crappy weather.


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