20/40 backpacking rigs


From: Bruce L. Draper (draperbl@mdlchtm.eece.unm.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 29 1994 - 17:31:27 EDT

I'm new to the reflector, so please forgive me if this
is a common request. I do a lot of backpacking in the
Rockies and would like to have an HF radio to take
along. Off the top of my head, I think these are
the features I'm most interested in:

   20 *AND* 40 meters (dual band)
   3-6 watt range
   small/lightweight, maybe 6x6x3
   built-in keyer, or at least the room for one
   CW, of course, but it might be nice to rcv phone also

Other than that I'm not too picky. I have an old,
almost-working TenTec PM3 that even has manual T/R
switching, manual-tune output stages and preselector,
direct-conversion rcvr with microphonics, etc, and it
would probably be OK for what I have in mind except
that it is HUGE.

Any suggestions? New/used/kits/ready-built all OK.


        Bruce AA5B New Mexico


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