Re: Hawaii 10M beacon project


From: Andrew Sargent N8OFS (
Date: Thu Apr 21 1994 - 22:59:58 EDT

Hello again Jeff,

Hey, I recieved your $cash$ no problem. I've been busy, and I haven't
been able to get to my other office to send out the xmiter UPS. BTW,
if you want to save some money, I'll rip the power-supply out of it.
That'll save you 4 pounds, think about it. I have a box, I have the
packing materials, I just need a moment at my other office without
being run-around-in-a-million-directions.

ABT the QSL thing, if it says "...QSL VIA N8OFS..." I'll order the
cheap cards tommorrow. I think it would really be fun to be the
QSL manager for the _only_ 10M beacon in HI. I also need to know
what freq your going to put it on so I can tell all my friends.

Well, got to get back to studying... So long for now...

Mesmerized by a decade of hate,           ! AMATEUR =   N8OFS 
Flowers and remorse,                      ! ARMY MARS = AAN5HJT
Fading vision lost in time,               ! CB =        THE NEON KNIGHT
Tragedy on course!!! - Frontline Assembly ! HACKER =    TH3 N30N KN16Ht

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