QRP transceiver cases


From: JEFF M. GOLD (JMG@tntech.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 13 1994 - 21:39:19 EDT


Having gotten into the "Nothing is really Junk" mode I tend to
look at my and other people's garbage in new ways. OK.. what am I
talking about? Well take for example my old small toaster oven. I
had kept it alive for years with rewiring and such. It finally
kicked the bucket for good. I took all the pieces apart and
couldn't quite bring myself to through some of them away. The top
case was real shiny heavy duty metal.. couldn't think of a purpose
in the universe for it.. threw it in my attic. When I decided to
get into mobile..my only extra rig was a Ten Tec Argonaut 509 and
I needed to put it into a small Acura Integra (same size as honda
Accord). I regularly carry passengers in the front seat so
couldn't give up the seat. After some consideration.. I finally
determined I could open the glove compartment and the top of the
toaster oven was the exact size to be fastened to the inside of
it and have it such that if I took the rig out there would be no
ugly marks. I brought the top into a shop at work and cut the
sides at an angle so that a person's legs would still fit. I
drilled 4 holes and the Argonaut was the perfect size to fit on
it. (should see the looks some of my passengers give me.)

Well the real reason I am writing this is that while passing
through the fix it shop center of here at our Computer Center I
noticed a small 232 switch box that was deffective.. I picked it
up and started to examine it.. it is really nice metal.. with a
two position switch.. the person in charge of buying them told me
they cost $4.95 NEW. Take the 232 connectors out of the box.. a
little paint over. you got one fine small QRP transceiver case..
sometimes at ham fests think you can pick them up for $1 or so.
This one was 6" X 2 1/4" X 5" form Computer Gate internationsl
(408)730-0673.. they had more sizes. I warned them never to
through any of these away.


Jeff, AC4HF

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