Re: Contests & Lessons


From: Peter Hardie (
Date: Wed Apr 13 1994 - 17:13:42 EDT

On Wed, 13 Apr 1994, andrew comas wrote:
> Though he did tell me a funny story of getting a phone
> call in the middle of the night from an irate ham. It seem he got
> through a mean pile up to a middle eastern country on 2 watts,
> beating out this guy running 800 watts. Who says there is no divine
> justice?

I love doing that. There's nothing better than hearing those kW all
around you when you bust a pileup running only 0.9W.

> Lessons learned from the school of hard knocks:
> If you use a computer to log your contacts, write down the exchange
> on paper first, then log it in the computer.

Why have the computer? Anyway, who's got the time to do both in a contest
like the party last weekend? :-)

> I had to re-enter them after the contest because the computer lost them.
Please, let's be serious a moment. You didn't test your LogicIII setup
properly before the contest.

> something new during a contest means lots of mistakes (I guess this
> applies to writing contesting programs/reports :-)

Exactly! :-)

> Nevertheless I did enjoy pulling a couple of QSO's out of the mud and
> it was nice to get away.
Sorry we didn't connect in the contest. Maybe next time. FWIW I didn't
hear any G/EU either.

73 de Pete

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