The Spring ARCI QRP Party


Date: Wed Apr 13 1994 - 17:02:05 EDT

From the sounds of things, conditions during the contest were
pretty dismal no matter where you were operating from! Like
many others, I heard w8mvn loud and clear here in rochester ny.
I tried on 40m for a contact, but no luck.

My goal for the contest was to make at least one contact on
an nn1g transceiver I had modified for 160m. On saturday
morning, I had the rig putting out 700 mW and was hopeful.
It turned out that my impromptu random hori-vertical longwire
could not be matched... that pretty much put a damper on my
"contesting fever". Anyone who has ever built a radio knows
that the first contact with it has a certain magic (hey, this
thing REALLY works).

I am investigating a vertical antenna design for 160m, due to
lot size restrictions. Once I get an antenna "working", I'll
document the nn1g mods and include a working antenna design for
the space impaired.

73, gary n2jgu

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