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Date: Sun Apr 10 1994 - 13:34:31 EDT

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> Yeah, you're correct - you already DID send your address... the $20 is
> in the mail. There's a UPS Brown Label rate, I believe - the slowest
> and cheapest. How much does the radio weigh? Find out the actual
> shipping cost before you ship it. Maybe UPS isn't the cheapest. Let's
> see, who else does shipping? The postal office has a parcel post rate.
> Dunno who else ships. Let me know - I want to pay all the shipping costs.
UPS won't ship Brown Label to Hi. The Postal Office, is still more
expensive to ship to Hi than UPS Blue Label (which is how I think
we should ship it anyway). I still have not weighed the xmiter, but
I will this week when I'm at work.
> You don't want to send out QSL cards!! When 10M opens there might be
> THOUSANDS of hams and swl'ers who will want Hawaiian QSL cards!!!!!!
Yes, Yes, Yes!!! That's what I want, I'll make up the QSL cards.
The Beacon should say "NH6IL/B QSL VIA N8OFS", that should do the
trick. I've always wanted to be a QSL manager!
[10M Beacon List stored and deleted for brevity]

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