New S&S ARK4 info


Date: Wed Mar 30 1994 - 14:57:58 EST

Greetings Fellow QRP's.

As promised, here's a rundown of the new S&S ARK4, as described in the data


                Single board, silkscreened glass-expoxy
                No wiring
                Coils & xfmrs are prewound
                Case: Steel & extruded aluminum
                Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.5" x 7.5"
                Weight: < 1.75 lb, fully optioned out


                Synthesized PLL vfo, 1KHz steps.
                Xtal controlled fine tune, detented control
                Sine wave sidetone
                Full QSK
                Receiver: superhet
                RIT: +/- 600 Hz
                Immediate Recovery AGC
                Transmitter: 3-4 watts @ 12V

                Transmitter Kit: 99.95
                Receiver add-on kit: 49.95
                Tx/RX: 144.95
                RIT option: 6.95
                400Hz audio filter opt: 9.95
                Fine Tune Option: 12.95
                Keyer Opt (Curtis Chip) 39.95
                Case: 39.95

                Complete rig, sans case & keyer: 169.96
                Complete kit, sans keyer: 199.95
                Assembled & tested, sans keyer: 269.95

As the price list indicates, just about everything is an option after the
basic transmitter, with price breaks with more options you get. The unit is
claimed to be available in May.

I've seen a prototype of the rig and it looks quite rugged. Two mini-thumbwheel
(actually the pushbutton-wheel switches like those used on the ARK-40) control
the 1KHz and 10KHz positions. A toggle switch sets the 100KHz position. The
fine tune control is used to pull the frequency +/- 500 Hz about the dial

Off hand, it looks a tad on the pricey side, especially when compared to the
NorCal 40. But, then again, it is synthesized. See it for yourself at Dayton,
where it will be formally introduced.

The standard disclaimers apply: I have no pecuniary interest in S&S Engineering.
I'm only reporting what I saw.

Bob - N3MBY

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