Re: NN1G Improvement


Date: Fri Mar 25 1994 - 01:32:47 EST

 -=> Quoting to John Liebenrood <=-
 Mv> He asked me to forward the following information to the
 Mv> Internet QRP Club, esp. those with "NN1G" rigs.
 Mv> 73/72 Jim Fitton, W1FMR QRP-NE

Greetings Jim...

    I just subscribed to the QRP news-group! I'd like to know
    more about the NN1G rigs... Can you describe the rig
    to me. ie NE602 DC or super-het with homebrew filters?

    My interest is QRP SSB ... I'm building a KK7B
    phasing rig now, Rick published this work in QST 93
    Jan and April.... The lastest receiver design ( will be
    published in Fall 94 ) is "single freq" phasing type receiver
    on a 2.5 by 3.5 inch board. I have the first board...

    Thanks for the info... I'm interested in learning about
    recent advances in QRP designs. Last fall I built a KK7B
    phasing SSB QRP rig for 75m. It runs 20Watts , using a
    standard Direct Conversion receiver, excellent audio! I
    built in into a HW-7 cabinet, I tossed the HW-7 board hi hi

    I have tried QRP CW on camping trips, but since trying SSB
    QRP I'd never go back to CW hi hi...

    John K7RO ( QRO ...stoke it up OM, >grin< )

... Life is a complex number; it consists of real and imaginary parts...
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