From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Mon Mar 21 1994 - 12:52:09 EST


Spent a bunch of time this weekend playing with the MFJ 20 Meter SSB. It
is a great toy.. wish they would make it into a kit.. maybe if we all
wrote them letters. I do not have the CW module.. don't think it is out
yet. I have the current special rig and matching mike.. $229.95.

The rig supposedly has effective built in speech processing.. from the
reports I got.. can't argue the point. There is a lit combination S
meter and speech processing monitor.. both seem to work correctly. I
compared the S meter reading with my 850.. close enough for what they
do. In TX the meter shows you where you should be setting the level..
you need to keep the mike out of your mouth and talk regularly.

I started with it in the house hooked to my Lightning Bolt Quad.. with
10 watts.. had NO PROBLEM contacting those I heard.. in each and every
case got good audio reports... and I mean I specifically asked for
reports and talked about it with them for a while.. also had good signal
strength.. not all that much difference between 10 and 100 watts in my
opinion on SSB.. seems to be a some difference between 5 and 10 watts on

There is a tune button to help you tune a tuner.. so you can save your
whistling.. the tuning knob is smooth and works very well...the mike has
a nice feel and seems pretty hefty.

The reciever has a "clean" sounds and seems to do a good job receiving
weak signals and seperating out signals that are close together.

I set up the rig in my driveway using my PVC vertical.. can really tell
the difference in antennas.. but still using a gel cell and the
vertical.. no problem.. good audio reports and got out real well to some
places...worked it a good long time with the 4 ah gell cell.


Jeff, aC4HF

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