Saturday March 19, 1994


From: Chuck Adams (
Date: Wed Mar 16 1994 - 18:58:20 EST


last week, i announced that i would be on 30M
on saturday morning, but since i didn't get
anything back, i assumed that it was not sent.

i did show up on 30M, but activity was low.

i will attempt to try the same thing this

starting at 1300Z (one hour later, thus the
sun will be up above the horizon) to 1700Z
(Z = UCT for you younger folks) i will be
around 10.106MHz running 0.95W to a dipole
and/or long wire to check the portable
dipole out.

any help you can give in trying to work me
would be greatly appreciated and if you want
to reserve a slot, let me know. i'm planning
on trying to start on the east coast and work
my way to the west coast toward the end of the
four hours. hoping for more than 25 states.

maybe the solar flare and/or electron flood
will have passed by then.

dit dit
Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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