Field Day!


From: Jim Kearman (
Date: Mon Mar 14 1994 - 14:30:46 EST

If you're suffering from the long-winter blahs, here's some
hope. The 1994 ARRL Field Day Package just went to the printer,
so copies should be available soon.

The Field Day Package contains sample log sheets, dupe sheets,
publicity information and the all-important RULES. [No, the
rules say nothing about mosquitos, floods or earthquakes, but
they do define QRP as 5-watts output.]

To get your very own Field Day Package, send:

A 9 x 12-inch self-addressed, stamped envelope with 4 units
of postage (unless they raise the rates, that's $1.16 in the
US) to:

        ARRL Field Day Package
        225 Main Street
        Newington, CT 06111-1494

It wouldn't hurt to put "Field Day Package" on the 9 x 12
envelope, too, to make sure it gets to the right place (we
get a LOT of mail).

Your Field Day Package should arrive in your mailbox some time
in April. CQ FD!


Jim, KR1S

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