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From: JEFF M. GOLD (JMG@tntech.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 14 1994 - 10:42:08 EST


going up to Northern Tennessee to a 150 year old cabin for a couple of
days.. going to bring my Yaesu 301S and some gell cells, some PVC
verticals and maybe a G5RV... going to test the set up for the April QRP
expedition.. might as well see if it works.

Unplugged the power on the 301S last night and hooked up one of my small
gell cells (didn't know how much power it takes to run this rig).. seems
to have no problem with 5 watts SSB or CW.. got on SSB and worked a guy
in california.. good signal report .. strong signal in not too good
conditions.. next guy I worked was also from California.. he couldn't
believe my power level.. turned his down to 2 watts.. he went from a
59.. to a 55.. talked for some time.. he decided he was going to have to
try it more often.

I will be on the air on 20 meters at various times this evening and will
try to be on at about 00:00 on 20 meters SSB and mybe 40 a little later.
.will be happy to move to CW.. the thing is I know I won't have any
problems with the CW.. need to see how the setup works with minimal
antennas on SSB... will bring 3 cw rigs (20-30-40) just as backup.


Jeff, AC4HF

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