Re: QRP and ERP (my own follow)


Date: Tue Mar 08 1994 - 13:00:44 EST

> and also state, that depending upon one's antenna, you
> aren't necessarily QRP anymore if gain is involved. With 6
> to 10dB gain, your ERP is approaching the output of a Scout
> at 50Watts and no gain or some loss. Do I understand
> antenna gain right? By extension, that makes QRO into QRO+,
> so proportionally we are still the "underdogs", and that
> makes us good! A 5-watt QRP upper limit is not the same
> restriction for everyone -- that is all I am trying to
> state and understand -- so it more the spirit than anything.

True... unfortunately I don't think the implications of ERP can be readily
quantified for HF antennas and multihop path signals the way it can at
higher frequencies with highly directional antennas and line of sight
paths. There are, however, highly subjective comparisons possible (for
example, using QQs contest reporting format which includes antenna).

72, Greg, KD4HZ

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