QRP in The Park


From: Jim Osburn (jpo@acd4.acd.com)
Date: Thu Feb 24 1994 - 16:18:40 EST

If it's not raining, snowing, sleeting or hailing this coming Saturday
afternoon, I think I will try a little QRP in the park.
It's going to be cold so I will be operating from inside my car.
I don't know which park I will operate from, but it will be one of the
local city or county parks.
I might try out the club's Field Day site.
I will probably do it from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM EST.
My rig will be my HW-8.
I will have two antenna's, a 15 m dipole and a 20 m hamstick.
I might also improvise with some wire.
Power source will be my 5 AH Gates battery.
I won't be on any set frequency, I'll just tune around until I find someone
to work. I'll tune the novice band on 15 m too.
I will listen on the 25/85 repeater in case anyone would like to
join me for a little QRP in the park.
Perhaps I can start making a habit of doing this on Saturday afternoons
instead of listening to the opera. Ham radio is more fun than opera.



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