Fun new parts at DIGIKEY


From: John F. Woods (
Date: Thu Feb 24 1994 - 14:27:31 EST

OK, so they're not really new, but they're new to everyone's favorite
ham-friendly "real" distributor. Digikey's latest catalog carries the
LM6321N, which I *think* is the high-speed buffer used in one of Gary Breed's
transceiver projects in QST a couple of years back (50MHz bandwidth, unity
voltage gain (or close to it), turns 5M-ohm input impedance to 50-ohm output
impedance. (I plan to order a few as soon as I dig up that QST and confirm.)
They also now have the LM6364N, and LM6365N, which are high-speed op
amps with 175MHz and 725MHz gain bandwidths, respectively; stable to
gains as low as +5 and +25 respectively (the LM6365 is the "archetype"
of the family, and the 6364 and 6361 are compensated for stability at
lower gain (the LM6361 is stable at unity gain; I had bought a few of
them to try as "substitutes" for the 6321, but now that I can get the
real thing...).

The LM6321 is $10.80 each, a bit much to fill a junk box with...

73, John, WB7EEL

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