Re: Parts supplier addresses


From: Jeff Herman (jherman@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Date: Thu Feb 24 1994 - 14:23:26 EST

Paul and the Gang,
   the ARRL email server has a great list of kit manufacturers and their
address. Do this: send an email to and in the text only
and what you'll get back in a few hours will be the instructions on how to
use the server, and an index of all the files. The file you want to
look for is something like KITS or KIT.MAKERS sor something like that -
I believe there were at least two files concerning kits.

Jeffrey Herman, NH6IL,, who, in his spare time, cannibalizes
old TV sets to make QRPp transmitters (CW of course).

Previously: WA6QIJ, WH6AEQ, NMO (U.S. Coast Guard Radio Honolulu: 500kc CW)
            NMC6 (U.S. Coast Guard Group Monterey)

It is said that CW is the second most popular mode on HF, but scanning the
bands I frequently count more CW QSOs than SSB QSOs.

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