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From: Paul Ermisch (
Date: Thu Feb 24 1994 - 10:07:00 EST

Two requests from a new ham:

1. For the benefit of a new kit builder/homebrewer, could somebody please
   post addresses and phone numbers for Digikey, Mouser, etc.? I've been
   able to find a few of the mail-order parts houses in the usual magazines,
   but I'd like to know who you more experienced folks rely on. Of course,
   my first choice would be local outlets but it's nice to have the backup.

2. I'd appreciate any comments regarding a UK company called Cirkit. I
   just received a parts/kits catalog from them -- haven't seen
   such a wide selection of kits since the Heathkit catalogs of my
   youth. I'd certainly look for closer-to-home suppliers first but the
   catalog's apparent high quality (presentation, supplies, kits) is

BTW, I just received two items in the mail. My ticket (KB0LUR, ya!!) and
the 1W XCVR kit from 624 Kits. Casual perusal of the silkscreened PCB
revealed one undrilled pad. There were also some missing parts which
624 called me on before I even got the package. The instructions look
easy to follow and I'm looking forward to building this for 80 meters.
I should also very soon receive an ATU kit from Lake Electronics (UK) and
a NorCal 40.

Paul Ermisch, KB0LUR

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