coax line losses


From: mont@ibmmail.COM
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 21:58:04 EST

> I just wondered how important a balun was for working QRP since it
> does incur some line losses? I feed my 20 meter resonant dipole with a RG-58
> coax, do I need a balun at the feed point? Will this improve my txrx signal?
> I am operating some 3 watts into the antenna.
> Tks.
> 73 de 9V Daniel

I've ran dipoles with and without baluns and never noticed any significant
difference. But, usually when I don't use a balun I use RG-59 since it's
impedence more closely matches the antenna.

I have another question that, considering qrp power levels, is more
important then I orignally gave credit for.

Does RG-59 (75-ohm) cable have less loss per foot then RG-58 (50-ohm)

I know that verticals tend to be close to 52 ohms and dipoles are about
70 ohms. How much difference does it really make to use 75 ohm coax to
a dipole, but then have a 50/75 ohm missmatch at the transmitter?


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