Where is MY NorCal-40


From: Steve Kubisch (kub@upl.com)
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 13:34:50 EST

Well, reading the mail on those of you who have your NC40's built
and working and those of you who have recently recieved yours from
the NEW second batch has me jelous! Where is MINE?? I guess I
just have to be patient. Would have been great to have this weekend
as the contest stations from Japan and the South Pacific (ZL,VK,etc.)
were booming in Saturday night. I worked them, but with my TS850
turned down to 5W, not really the same. No contesters on 30, and
not many stations at all to work on the Backpacker. I suppose everyone
was chasing the great DX in the contest.

So I guess I'll keep hurring home to check the mail box. There is a
bright side, if I'm building it when I have the mods in the March
QRPp I can include some of them. Can't wait73

Steve WW7Y

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