Norcal 40 in the dx contest


From: Grover Cleveland (
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 11:15:05 EST

Hi Gang,

I thought you might like a brief report on the Norcal in the dx contest
this past weekend.

I finished it Friday evening and it came up without smoke. Plugged it
into my Windom and tweaked on a weak signal as suggested. Hmmmmm. Who
was that weak signal anyway? A ZL! Ok, let's try it. Bingo - "599 200w"
was the report. In the next half hour I picked up VK, P40, JA, KA6,
XE, VE, KH6 and others. That's right - in a half hour right "out of
the box" with the Norcal. Very impressive little radio. Now I know
that the upcoming Norcal-does-Africa trip will be a success.

Sure looking forward to the "Sierra".


Grover, WT6P

(Preserve the Mother Tongue - fie on "72" silliness.)

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