From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 10:46:09 EST

> From: IN%"" 22-FEB-1994 09:21:49.03
> To: IN%"qrp@Think.COM"
> CC:
> Subj: 30mW from New Orleans!
> I'm going to do more on 30m!
> BTW the MFJ9030 drifts a lot more than my 9020 does. The 9030 is newer
> (has the quieter relay and better audio), but the 9020 seems much less
> prone to drift. On the QSO above, I had to adjust the dial an estimated
> 2 Khz over the 10 minutes we worked. Maybe it was just colder in my shack
> that day, but I almost never have to adjust the 9020 during a QSO!
> Tom

I find that when 30m is feeling good, it is a very nice band to operate
on. The people who work it seem to be much more into ragchewing than
exchanging signal reports.. I really enjoy it. I built the 30m mfj from
parts and find it works great .. but if it is cold in the shack.. it
drifts.. I did one of the audio mods on it..and have enough audio.. I
like it.


Jeff, AC4HF

PS.. still playing around with the Ten Tec Century 22.. can't believe
how well it works for a DC rec. Have the Tejas Curtis keyer and the WBL
VSL XS single paddle key hooked to it. I guess I have been using it alot
because I really love the key... especially the smooth wood paddle it
uses. It is about the most sensitive paddle I have come across.. seems
real accurate.

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