30mW from New Orleans!


From: Tom J Farish (tjf@beta.lanl.gov)
Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 09:35:02 EST

Had a blast with my MFJ9030 this weekend. I haven't used it much since
I bought it...worked mostly on 20m daytime. Anyway, last night, I was
tooling around 30m around sunset and heard a strong signal from KB5PX.
I figured he was a local or maybe from Texas (I live in northern New
Mexico). I fired off a call running 1 watt or so, and he came right back!
I gave him a 569 and he gave me 509! He went to 1 watt and was still
loud, so he went to 30mW! There was some QSB, but I got 90% and was able
to fill in the rest! This is the first contact I've had into Louisiana
on 30m ever!

I'm going to do more on 30m!

BTW the MFJ9030 drifts a lot more than my 9020 does. The 9030 is newer
(has the quieter relay and better audio), but the 9020 seems much less
prone to drift. On the QSO above, I had to adjust the dial an estimated
2 Khz over the 10 minutes we worked. Maybe it was just colder in my shack
that day, but I almost never have to adjust the 9020 during a QSO!


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