ARK 20/30/40 vs. other kits?


Date: Tue Feb 22 1994 - 03:06:34 EST


        I was just wondering if anyone has made a comparison of the performance
of the various kits side by side and gave them a rating so that kit builders
can have an idea of how far their kit is up on the scale.

        I am especially interested to know about how the ARK 20/30/40 kit by
S & S Engineering performs against the more popular kits such as NorCal,
Spirit, Spider, Radiokit, Ramsey products. Both in terms of quality but more
so in terms of actual performance on air and at pulling in QSOs? Does anyone
here have the relevant information or have the resources to make such a

        It is hard to compare based of specs alone because the specs are often
derived from different tests and there is not exactly a controlled test for
the specs. As such merely comparig specs does not tell the whole story.

        I also wonder if the reason for the lack of threads on the Ark is due
to the fact that I am too late and have missed the boat, or that it is too
expensive for most people. I am most interested to hear from people who have
built and/or used the ARK 20/30/40. Mods for the said kit are also very welcome.

73 de 9V Daniel

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