Date: Fri Feb 18 1994 - 14:55:00 EST

The Northeast QRP Net - NEN will be on the air tomorrow,
at 8 am eastern, or 1300 UTC on 7.036 mHz
(40 meter general band), Saturday morning.

Let's see how many interneters are REAL hams......

Check in using AA5DX/inet inet = internet

or W1FMR/inet K5FO/inet etc....

I will tell the control stations to watch for us.

When I was in CA, I heard W8MVN, KI4IO and others checking
in to NEN, and if I was swift enough, would have asked them
to QSP (relay) my QNI (check-in).

WA1JXR, or K3TKS will be the NCS (net control station)
and it is a big deal just to be able to check in.
No traffic or anything is passed, just check-in is fine.

You may even get your call published in the ARCI QRP Quarterly (QQ).


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