Test Equipment


From: Mark Shelhamer (ms@space.mit.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 16 1994 - 20:41:19 EST

On the subject of what test equipment is useful, I would have to agree
that a good general coverage receiver is invaluable. I was also lucky
enough to find a spectrum analyzer for a fair price, and that's almost
equally useful. After that, of course there's the usual assortment of
oscilloscope, DVM (with L/C meter), freq counter, signal generator,
power supply, and the all-important eyes/ears/nose.

I have a question for those who use their transceiver/transmitter as an
RF generator - obviously you run it into a dummy load at low power, but
how do you pick off the RF and couple it into your circuit under test?
A high-value attenuator seems like just the thing - is that what people
are using, and do you build or buy?


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