Direct Conversion


From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Wed Feb 16 1994 - 15:22:49 EST

Been playing around with my new/old Century 22... when I first got my
Century 21.. made some contacts with it, and it confirmed past beliefs
about direct conversion receivers. I hooked up my new single paddle and
keyer to the Century 22 I recently purchased. This gave me an incentive
to REALLY try out the rig. I have been playing with it most evenings for
at least one QSO a night. I find I really enjoy the little rig. It works
great for QRP. I had an experience of getting into a nice rag chew with
a YL (one of best fists I have ever heard)... and after about 20 minutes
or so. .some idiot sends QRL? and immediately without taking a break
sends CQ (and it was on the freq we were on.. not the opposite side). I
decided to try one of the benefits of DC receivers.. I used the offset
and went to the other side.. it was clear and I was able to finish the
QSO. The built in audio filtering seems very effective.. I leave it
cranked all the way up on 40 and the receiver sounds great.


Jeff, AC4HF

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