From: Larry Mull (Larry_Mull@pdxml2.mentorg.com)
Date: Sun Feb 13 1994 - 22:08:21 EST

                        QRP QSO.... 2/14/94 10:31
Last night I had my first QSO (partial) with another QRPer. As I was
tuning around the Novice segement of 40 with all the noise and broadcast
interference, in a quiet spot I heard a faint CQ with a /QRP on the call
sign. Normally, I won't pursue a faint station, assuming they are running
100 watts. Everytime I've tried this, I've drawn a blank. For this
station I thought: If I can hear them at QRP levels, maybe they can hear
me! I went after the call and made contact! What great fun! I'm in
Portland, OR, the other station was in Santa Barbara, CA. A pretty good
distance on 2.7 watts! Well, after two exchanges, we got squashed by an
opera suddenly coming on, and by another station calling CQ. I had the
NorCal front end wide open, but couldn't copy a thing. Oh well...

I've heard many of you in this group say just send the standard 3x3 CQ,
with no /QRP. Does this work well? I've only had one QSO where I've
called CQ. It seems I'm just not heard. I imagine life is better down
below 7.1MHz, with a little less broadcast noise to deal with.

So, for a newbe who's been on the air since mid January, with only 9
contacts, all with my little NorCal40, it has not been real easy, but it
has been fun!

I'm goin for General tomorrow night!

Larry, KB7ZNE

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