Re: R[2]: Operating Semantics


From: Bruce Toback (
Date: Mon Feb 14 1994 - 11:28:31 EST

Subject: Re: Re[2]: Operating semantics

It would never occur to me to call my HW-8 "homebrew." That term implies
some participation in the design, mechanical if not electronic. Building
a kit doesn't qualify. On the other hand, building a kit _can_ provide
training that's available in no other way, if the builder cares to take
the time to figure out why the kit was designed the way it was. It's
decidedly more educational, and more in keeping with the technical
justification for ham radio (as given in Part 97) than appliance
operation. So the builder should get some credit for that.

Having built dozens of kits, I'm looking forward to doing some real
homebrew as soon as we get moved into the new house -- finally
a house with enough space for a small workshop and a real antenna!
The Heathkits I've built have taught me something about electronic design
and a lot about mechanical design and layout, knowledge I'll put to use
in designing and building my own radios. (I've designed and built a number
of digital circuits, but that's mostly just connecting the dots -- playing
apprentice to the RF designer's sorcerer :-). I'll still use other
people's published circuits for things I don't have
the design skills to do myself -- high-performance front ends come to
mind -- but IMHO the result will qualify for the label of "homebrew."

-- Bruce Toback


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