Operating semantics nerve


From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@CBA.Kodak.COM)
Date: Mon Feb 14 1994 - 07:56:07 EST

Wow, I guess I hit a nerve with that one. There are some pretty strong
feelings out there. Glad to see the no comment from QRP sub p!! It kinda is
a personal thing I guess, no need to draw lines in the sand etc.

I guess that I can drop this subject now with the exception of one thing..

Jim... W1FMR, what did you mean by the comments we know who you are, we
know what you are up to , now cut it out.. We locally debated about this one,
and we couln't agree about the intent.

The options were as folows:

1. You as a general statement that Big brother is watching you so make
        sure that you sign
        the right class with your rig.

2. You meant to tell me personally to quit stirring things up.
        If the case is 1, then I agree, it's kinda up to the person with the
        rig to be honest with themselves.

        If the case is 2, then "sorry, just be glad you don't work with me" :-)
        And, oh by the way what am I doing? I want to know.


I certainly hope nobody took offense with this series, I truely beleive we have
a common interest, goal, and I'll keep my mouth shut for a day or two.

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