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From: Mark E Gustoff (
Date: Mon Feb 14 1994 - 00:55:55 EST


 Thanks for clearing this up and getting the facts on the table via this

 My initial question created a lot of conjecture and opinions that only
 an organization (like ARCI) could resolve by creating such a definition
 and driving a stake in the ground (so to speak).

73 de WO7T/QRP

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Subject: Homebrew
Author: qrp-admin@Think.COM at Internet_Gateway
Date: 2/11/94 6:54 PM

I found the QRP ARCI definition of homebrew in the Jan 1992 issue of QQ.
The homebrew bonus points only count for homebrew transmitters, receivers
or transceivers (i.e. a homebrew antenna tuner or QRP power meter
wouldn't count). The qualifying equipment must meet one of the following

I quote:

1. Completely home constructed gear, original design or a copy of
another's design and not a kit.
2. "Kits" which do not include, or have available, a step-by-step
construction manual (i.e. not a Heathkit).
3. Kits (such as Heathkit) or commercial gear that contains a major
modification to improve or alter significantly its performance. Examples
include redesigned front-ends, alteration of one band for another band,
or complete repackaging and modification involving a change in use such
as home-based to portability. Completely home-built transverters used
with commercial gear also qualifies as homebrew. Cosmetic changes such as
adding dial lights, commercial filters and larger control knobs do not
qualify. A pure vanilla version of a Heathkit-type kit does not qualify.

The final decision as to homebrew qualification rests with the contest

End quote. (I hope I have caught all my typos)

If you want to disagree with their definition, take it up with the
current contest manager.

For ARCI contest entries you are required to describe your homebrew
equipment, so if you feel your rig is homebrew I think you should claim
the points, describe your rig(s) and let the contest manager decide if
you deserve the homebrew bonus.


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