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From: Robert Marlan (
Date: Mon Jan 24 1994 - 15:20:49 EST

I have a suggestion, There are several sites on the internet
that let you have a free acccount which allows mail and usenet
(unlimited) both receive and post. If you like I could help you get one
of these accounts. It would be set up as you personal accountand thus
say what you want. You could acess it via a simple telnet from where you are.
The return address would be from the account not the league, and thus I would
hope that would free you from problems. It seems like a sad day when the
league impinges upon the fraternity of ham radio, and the best solution is to
down grade technology (ie phone) Have they decided to start taping all
I believe a former president.... DIck Nixon could hFrom qrp-request@Think.COM Tue Feb 8 21:35:02 1994
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 94 16:34:37 HST
From: Jeff Herman <jherman@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu>
Subject: 2N2222 x-sistors

   The QRP Notebook calls for the `generic' 2N222A x-sistor in several
circuits. I've got several dozen 2N2222 with out the suffic `A'. I assume
the `A' version is the `new and imporved model' - anyone know what the
difference in specs are?
   Oh, I got all these 2N2222's out of the trash - the dumpster behind
our computer center is filled with wonderful things like these (this is
called ``dumpster diving'').


Jeffrey NH6IL, who, in his spare time, cannibalizes
old TV sets to make QRP transmitters (CW, of course).

Previously: WA6QIJ, WH6AEQ, NMO (U.S. Coast Guard Radio Honolulu: 500 kc CW)

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                    If you do not study you will never become anything.

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