From: Jim Kearman (jkearman@arrl.org)
Date: Mon Jan 24 1994 - 12:53:42 EST

Perhaps I didn't make my previous posting clear enough.
Here's how it will work: I will have to send an electronic
copy of any email I send, to the Director of the division
in which the original recipient lives. This means I will have
to determine who the Director is and forward an electronic
copy to his or her MCImail account.

I choose not to take the time to go through this exercise.
I'm hopeful that, by not posting to the groups, I will
stimulate less email that I have to annotate and copy to
the directors. I just don't have time. Banging out a quick
answer is one thing; this requirement is quite another.

If you need something from me, you can always email me
and I'll try to help. On the other hand, if you do not
specifically address the email to me, I won't respond.

This policy has nothing to do with expense or perceived
wasting of time. The Board simply wants to be aware of
what Headquarters staff is saying. We're already required
to make copies of all written correspondence; this policy
change merely includes electronic correspondence. There
were reasons for their decision; it wasn't arbitrary. Last
year I waxed philosophical about something and what I said
wound up in a club newsletter edited by a challenger for
League office, without my prior knowledge! In that same issue
were remarks by two other Headquarters staffers, also reprinted
without our knowledge or permission. Unfortunately, some other
staffers have been indiscrete with postings and remarks, and
said things that were considered injurious to the League. You
elect the Board to look after the affairs and well-being of
the League, and they feel these steps are necessary for them
to do their jobs.

Once again, I am voluntarily choosing to not post to either
group in the future, merely to save myself some aggravation
and potential aggravation. Nobody said I had to. Anyone with
a gripe at the League can flame away with impunity, until I
catch up to you at a hamfest some day!

You can always call me on the phone: 203-666-1541 ext 279.


Jim, KR1S

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