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From: mvjf@mvubr.att.com
Date: Thu Jan 20 1994 - 20:49:00 EST

Minutes from the New England QRP (QRP-NE) Club
meeting held on January 16, 1993 at ARRL Hdq.,
Newington CT

16 attended, many driving for 3 hours in bitter cold, with
temperatures hovering around 0 degrees F. But friendly
spirits, conviviality, and the extreme southern location of the
state of Connecticut provided a welcome relief from the really
cold weather further north.
Thanks to Jim Kearman, KR1S, QRP-NE contest manager, for hosting
the visit and Norm Bliss, WA1CCQ, W1AW radio engineer, for coming
in on Sunday and making us feel very comfortable and welcome at
the radio station(s).

Upcoming QRP-NE meetings in 1994 will be held at Dayton OH in April,
Deerfield or Rochester NH in May, (meeting Sun. 10 - 11 a.m.)
Field Day at Princeton MA in June,
Boxboro MA in October

In addition Harry, W1LMU is going to reserve tables at local
flea markets set for late winter and early spring.
Check into local CW, SSB nets for additional information.
NEN, SAT., 8 a.m., 7.040 mHz,
NE, Mon., 9 p.m., 3.855 Mhz (dead lately)
GLN, Thurs, 9 p.m. 3.060 mHz,
NEN, Tues., 8:30 p.m. 3.035 mHz

Some of the HB rigs brought along to the meeting were:
2 NN1G-20s, 40/40 prototype and printed board version,
NorCal-40, OHR Spirit, and more.

Thanks to Randy, KA9HAO who provided a quantity of new relays,
surplus from his parts business, to give away at the meeting.

Mark, NX1K reported on our outstanding 1993 Field Day performance.
Some have already signed to participate in 1994, but more loggers,
antenna experts, SSB, and CW ops, and guitar players will be needed
this year. The potential for many more contacts would have been
there last year if we had more SSB operators.

I am eagerly looking forward to the QRP-NE club pioneering a QRP
Mini-Field Day event in Sept. or Oct., and I am now in
the process of constructing 2 mini rigs, tuners, and SWR meters
in anxious anticipation of that event.

Dave, NN1G brought to the meeting, the prototype 40/40 meter HB
club project transceiver and the new printed wiring board version.
Although the printed board didn't arrive until Saturday, Dave
worked through the night and barely completed the rig in time for
the meeting on Sunday. Great work Dave !!
QRP-NE was suitably impressed with the appearance of the board,
HB enclosure and Dave's tenacity to get a job done.
The little Superhet transceiver was enclosed in a clever box frame
easily duplicatable with simple hardware and tools. Dave will
photograph and detail it in a future issue of "72".
Eric, KA1EEC volunteered to help with kits and instructions.
Jack, NG1G ( currently camping in the Virgin Islands) previously
offered to distribute, and help distribute kits.
The current goal is to have kits to sell at Dayton, in April.
Thanks to Dave for the outstanding craftmanship and leadership on
this project. The success of this venture will pave the way for
more of these terrific HB projects in the future.

Luke Dodds, W5HKA passed away recently from a heart attack. Luke
was Secretary-Treasurer for the QRP Amateur Radio Club International
club for many years and will be missed by all who knew him, including
his special friends in the G-QRP and OK-QRP clubs.

Carl, N1CUU handed the "72" editorial baton to Dennis, K1LGQ.
Thanks Carl for two years of excellent craft and leadership
providing your mates with a superior journal.
Carl intends to maintain close ties with the newsletter, and we are
fortunate for his effort.

A special hearty welcome to Dennis K1LGQ. Dennis worked on the
January issue which turned out very nice with graphics and
creativity. Congratulations.......

Attending the meeting were:

Mark, NX1K Jim, KR1S Eric, KA1EEC Zack, KH6CP/1
Mark, KE1L Dave, NN1G Jim, W1FMR Dennis, K1LGQ
Mike, KC1SX Derek, WM1U Larry, K1LO Randy, KA9HAO
Bill, AE1D Mike, KD1BF Bill, N1OSA Bob, KA6NOC

Over half of those present at the meeting communicate via Internet
or electronic mail. Is this a growing trend ? Carl, N1CUU is being
financed by the club for about $20 per month, in order to tap into
the wealth of QRP information available on Internet. Members in
turn will receive some of this excellent information via "72".

"The Excitement Is Building"

  73/72 Jim Fitton, W1FMR QRP-NE mvjf@mvubr.att.com

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