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From: swm@homxb.att.com
Date: Thu Jan 20 1994 - 11:18:00 EST

Hello QRP netters!

For those who responded to my request for a parts list and schematic
for the NN1G transceiver, my eternal thanks.

I now am accumulating the parts necessary to build the NN1G Mk II
transceiver. Most of the parts are easy to come by. But the 10.7 MHz IF
transformers are not specified in the parts list. Does anybody
have a part number? Any ideas on turn ratios and/or nominal inductance?
There are several types that are available from different suppliers
but I don't know which should be used (my guess is that the choice
is not that critical).

Any ideas?

72/73 de ND3P
Scott McLellan

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