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From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Sun Jan 16 1994 - 10:46:12 EST

Luke Dodds, W5HKA, passed away Saturday, January 16th at 0700UCT in Grapevine, TX
Luke had a heart attack on Monday Jan 10th.

Luke was Secretary/Treasurer of the QRP ARCI club for a number of years and had
just given up the position in Dec. He was also active in the G-QRP and OK QRP
clubs in Europe, serving as the US membership coordinator.

I'm sure that he will be missed by many and was a friend to all who met him.

I will post to the group any other notices and information as it becomes available.

Services will be held Monday, Jan 17th in Grapevine at the Faust Funeral Home on
Main St.

Chuck Adams

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