Strange signal heard


From: Randy (
Date: Wed Jan 12 1994 - 21:58:14 EST

 Strange thing heard !

Jan 11th '93 around 3-5 AM

 A friend and I were juggling parts-to-order, against how much we might eat
the next week, and I had the Receiver on, 3699kc.
 As our discussion went on, I noticed a carrier that was awfully long for a
tune-up, and so I listened a bit more closely.
 Then, the very recognisable chimes I.D. of the German station, Deutch-a-vella
(that is what it sounds like) came on.
 Whoa! What is this??? Can this be?
I switched to A.M. and centered in on freq...they being ON 3700kc... and
 No mistake...being a casual (not a memberof any SW clubs) SWL, I recognised
the station as being them.
 S reading was only 7-9 and very fluttery.

What got me, was to be able to hear --- apparently Germany--- all the way to
here ( Connecticut,USA ) on 80 meters.

On 40 mtrs, I'd expect it! ( I'd curse it!! )...but way down on 80?

Then it occured to both of us: Hey! Just what are they doing down ON 80m
If anywhere, they might be on 3980kc or 3200kc region....and very faint at that.

So, we pondered over that, while they slowly fluttered to below
the noise-of-the-air ( being around S 7).

Being quite occupied with our catalogs and 'how will we eat next week' I didn't
note the time...but it was near 4 AM.

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