From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Jan 12 1994 - 12:16:18 EST

I got a call from Mike Kilgore last night. He informed me that
Luke Dodds, W5HKA, had a heart attack and is on life support systems
in the hospital. He has minimal brain activity and will be taken
off life support sometime today.

I have known Luke for some time, since we are both active QRPers in
the local area and met everyother month for lunch on the first
Saturday of even months with other members of the North Texas QRP Group.
Luke was the treasurer until last month for the QRP ARCI organization.
He will be missed by us all that knew him.

I am posting this so that someone in Europe will pass the word on to
the British Group and the Czech OK QRP club members, many of whom were
personal friends of Luke.

Luke was born on Jan 2, 1922.

Chuck Adams

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