NA Sprint with the NorCal 40


From: Ron Majewski (
Date: Mon Jan 10 1994 - 22:45:15 EST

Hello to all-

  It was another exciting QRP weekend here in Michigan! I fired up the
NorCal 40 that I bought from Chuck, k5fo, and ran the North American
Sprint on 40 meters on Saturday night. This was my first experience with
both the rig and the contest.

  According to my MFJ wattmeter, the NorCal was putting out about 2watts.
The antenna was a newly-constructed quarter wave ground plane. The base
of this beast is about 12ft off the ground and I have six ground radials
attached to it.

  Band conditions on Saturday night were excellent -- no noise and propagation
in all directions. I didn't have much time to operate, but I worked 18
stations in 14 states in about 45 minutes. East-West, I worked California
to New Hampshire; North-South, Manitoba to Florida. An outstanding
evening on 40m.

  The rig is really great! The receiver stood up well to the crowded band.
I could have used a bit more receiver selectivity at some points, but didn't
play with any outboard filters. The T-R switching is smooth.

  Did anyone else run their NorCal in the Sprints?

  72 and 3!

Ron (wb8ruq).

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