From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Dec 29 1993 - 14:27:34 EST

Kevin and Jim started it. :-)

Look at it this way. 7.055 to 7.100MHz - digital.
                      7.000 to 7.025MHz - extra class segment

7.025 to 7.055 - 7.040 is dead center!! Everybody and their brother
is gonna home in on this puppy. It's first come first served. I'm
trying to do my part with 0.95W to hold it, but I'm losing a lot lately.

Someone tell me. What the heck is at 6.995 or so. Sounds like AMTOR,
PAKTOR, or some digital stuff. Has MARS gone digital down there?
I never heard from anyone in the world what was at 7.050MHz either.

Look for me on 7.040MHz starting 0200Z tonite. QRT for five minutes
at 0355Z for Texas Lottery. :-) How about a impromptu New Years Day
QRP QSO gathering of this group during the MI QRP contest? I'll try
to dig up the rules. Look 'em up in the Dec QST '93 issue. Post your
call to this group, so we can look out for you and avoid you. :-)
Just kidding, that's what they do to me. :-) I have to go and look
up my number for the MI QRP Club. Too many to memorize.

Hope everybody got a new rig for Christmas. dit dit

gl es c u l


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Chuck Adams, K5FO - CP60
QRP ARCI Awards Chairman

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