How do rigs degrade with degradation of supply voltage


Date: Fri Dec 17 1993 - 16:51:25 EST

I am curious as to how rigs work with lower power supply voltages. I am
planning of building a small rig for a 50 mile back packing trip next
summer. In the past I have had trouble with transmitters becoming
unstable or unclean when the battery voltage declines. I am planning on
using alkaline cells because I believe they have the greatest energy

What I propose is for some of you to hook up your favorite qrp rig to a
variable bench supply and then measure power output and supply current
versus supply voltage. Also, note when any irregularities occur
(instability, etc).

Any takers?

Thanks and 73. Lowell

Lowell Brunson (503) 681-0417
Internet: (preferred)
Packet Radio: KC7DX@K7IQI.OR.USA.NA

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