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From: Spence S Wilhelm (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1993 - 15:07:06 EST

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I have an MFJ 9040 QRP xcvr for sale that I bought in May of this
year(93). I hate to sell this radio but want to continue with
other projects. The radio is clean and in great shape. I've
used it exclusively since I bought it and have had no problems
with it. The radio does include a modification to increase the
audio output. I got the modification instructions directly from

Price: $120 (I paid $155 for xcvr)

Includes: MFJ 9040 xcvr
                Instruction manual with schematic
                Modification instructions from MFJ for increased audio output
                I will pay UPS ground shipping

Spence Wilhelm
work phone: (602)987-9403
home phone: (602)554-5050

The following information was taken from the MFJ 9040 instruction manual...

Receiver Section:

Frequency Coverage: 7.000-7.150 Mhz coverage
Receiver Type: Single conversion superhet
VFO Frequency: 4.85-5.0 MHz
IF Frequency: 12 Mhz
IF Selectivity: 750 Hz crystal ladder filter
AGC: Audio-derived, instant T/R recovery
Sensitivity: Better than 7.0 Mhz noise floor
RIT: 1.5 KHz range
Audio: 8 Ohms, speaker or external phones
Receive current: 50 mA average

Transmitter Section:

Keying: High-Z, semi-QSK
Sidetone: 700-Hz sinewave
RF power output: > 4W, VCC 13.8 V, 50-Ohm Load
VSWR Tolerance: 3:1 VSWR or greater
Transmit Current: 1 Amp at 13.8 VDC
T/R switch: Semi-QSK, adjustable hold (0-2 sec)

MFJ also sells two items that fit in the case:(neither is
included with this radio, you can purchase them from
MFJ yourself)

700-hz 4-pole active CW filter
Curtis 8044ABM Iambic key

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