Re: Soldering Aluminum Cans


From: Randy (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1993 - 14:33:56 EST

 I take it, you mean engine oil?

...and yes, by all means, remove the beer first!

I take it , too, a soda can (of which there are more of around here) would
do as well?

I had read in Popular Science/Mechanics...1960's(?)...that one can solder
aluminum....the article was about making an out-door lamp.

Using a glass-fibre(?) brush, to work-in the solder, it would stick....thus
tinning the 2 metals...then the 2 were sweat soldered like you'd do a
copper pipe-joint.

The oil part...hmmm...sounds like whats going on is that it keeps air from
getting at the 'exposed' aluminum....liquid TIG or MIG welding !

Contadina Tomatoe Paste cans...quite small..1.75 oz I think....make for
great, solderable IF and RF what I used them for to replace
wooked ones in old, too-far-gone-to-restore-to-classic-condition,-but-good-to
-use-and-SWL-with radios.

Those APC series trimm caps just fit neatly, and space to stick in a coil
under make a tank ckt with.

All my cans, I've used like that, I'd either paint ...or tin with solder...
as the metal rusts fairly quick....

Had a solder-pot...and I'd save all my spent solder..any removed during a
rebuild..and remelt it...skim off the glop on top and just prior to a dip,
I'd smear flux on the can ( or other victem)...plunge and duck the stink.

OSHA would LOVE me!

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