repeat of question


From: Majec Systems (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1993 - 15:16:14 EST

I will try again because i got no response last time. If no one
answers this time i will just do it, but be warned the universe as we
know it could be changed for ever.
To the qrp group:

A question. I am about to build a 4 to 6 watt amp,
the design of which comes from page 61 of the Solid State Design book
by the ARRL. They call for a GE D446C transistor, and suggest a 2n5321
as a replacement worth experimenting with. Well being very new to this
hobby I am not sure if the design of the amp is highly dependent on
the characteristics of those particular devices or can I substitute
another device. If any of you are familiar with the amp design please make
some suggestions for replacement transistors for me.

Ed Guinn

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