MJ802 and MJ4502


From: okas_rp%ncsd.dnet@gte.com
Date: Fri Dec 10 1993 - 12:11:54 EST

Bob, N1PWU writes:

> MJ802
> MJ4502

> Does any one know what these are,and do you know where I can find
> data sheets on them. I cant find them in my NTE cross reference.

I say:

    The MJ802 and MJ4502 are 150-200 Watt silicon power transistors that
are useful from DC to a couple of hundred Khz. They are a complementary
pair, but I don't remember which is NPN and vice versa. I can dig up the
information over the weekend. In general terms, the VCBO is around 90V,
and ICsat is ~25A, though you wouldn't want to operate at those extremes.

    Southwest Technical Products Corp. (SWTPC) introduced their "Universal
Tiger", a 100 watt audio power amplifier, in the early 70's which used these
parts in the output stage. I remember frying a few pairs of these then
expensive devices since the amplifier's design was less than ideally stable
and it would occasionally go into rf oscillation.

Bob - N3MBY

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